Who we represent?

We also represent some of the biggest and most popular companies in this field like WEIRMINERALS-GEHO, PAUS, BRIDON, Minova!

Area of representation

Areas where BLY represent manufacturers include: Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia.


The policy of operation of BLY PLUS is that we make contact between the manufacturer and the domestic companies, which gives the domestic buyers the possibility for a longterm cooperation with the foreign partners, with the aim to accomplishing direct deliveries, logistical support and warranty from our manufacturers.


    One of the leading multinational companies in the field of mining, construction, exploration drilling, geotechnical and geothermal drilling machine production.The headquarters are in the USA , with a European base in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Weirminerals-Geho

    Holland- production of piston diaphragm pumps and transport systems for high density mixtures, ash, mullock, ore concentrate etc.

  • Paus

    Germany- production of underground loaders, with the capacity of 0.8m3 – 3m3 , trucks from 17t to 22t capacity, service vehicles for the mines etc.

  • Bridon

    Great Britain- production of special steel wire ropes for mining, construction and bridge construction.

  • Hud Supplies

    South Africa- production of exploration drilling machine for core drilling ”Metre Etre”, AQ and BQ pneumatic and hydraulic drills for exploratory work.


    A leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical-based consumables, steel-coated support systems, equipment and services for the anchoring of cranes and soil consolidation.


    SINO MUD GROUP is one of the leading manufacturer of drilling fluids in the world.

We represent leading companies that produce machines and equipment for mining and construction.