Tunnel construction

Tunneling is about reliability and sustainability

Building a tunnel means building public infrastructure which will last for decades. Tunnels are built to support modern life: to make traffi c fl ow better, to connect locations or to shorten distances. With a time perspective measured in decades or centuries, there will be a flow through the tunnel of millions of people and millions tons of goods. The tunnel must not only be efficient when designed and constructed, but also safe and reliable for years to come.
This is where Minova comes in.

Designing for a lifetime

Securing tunnels is a complex business, which is not only about quick solutions for today, but needs expertise in dimensioning
and designing the tunnel support as well as mechanical and chemical solutions to last the life time of the tunnel. The support solution must for example take into account geological changes, impact from traffi c loads, water levels and risk for leakage, and not least – the environmental impact today and in the future.

Decades of experience

Minova combines decades of tunneling expertise with world class solutions for mechanical and chemical support. Our combined knowledge about challenges and solutions, makes us a complete partner to discuss construction of any tunneling project – from design phase to refurbishment or decommissioning. Minova strives to maximize safety and sustain ability for you both in the short term and the long term.